Speaking – Motivational and Business Speaker

There are speakers and then there are SPEAKERS and Trevor K. Whittaker is a SPEAKER!

Known in the speaking world as the “Pit-bull” of speaking Trevor’s straight forward approach to getting conference and seminar attendees to SIT UP AND TAKE NOTE is unsurpassed and may be compared to some of the best speakers in the world.

The one thing that we can tell you is that Trevor K. Whittaker will get the job done and attendees will not only be left HIGHLY motivated but they will also be left with clear and concise direction at the close of proceedings.

They WILL know what to do going forward!

The difference then between Trevor and many other speakers is that;

  • He puts his heart and soul into every session.
  • He is energetic, funny and enthusiastic about getting his message across.

Those that have heard him speak will quickly explain to you just WHY he is called the PIT-BULL of motivation speaking.

Furthermore, he stands out as someone who has a tremendous amount of knowledge within the business and sales environment but could, without too much trouble at all speak on almost any subject relating to entrepreneurship, business and any aspect of sales.

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 Most that know Trevor’s background will tell you that he has a story to tell and he does this knowing that most of us have a story to tell but he has the ability to have his listeners understand that their stories are there to be used for good in our lives no matter how negative or positive the experience.

The big difference then is that Trevor talks from personal experience in sales, entrepreneurship and business in general, and this, is his greatest asset. It is far easier to listen to someone who has “been there” and CONTINUES to be there on a daily basis.

Trevor K. Whittaker has been referred to fondly as a MASTER ENTREPRENEUR and also a SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR.

The long and short of the matter is that he absolutely has a PASSION for all matters related to motivating people to not only do the best that they can to succeed in life BUT to do ALL THAT THEY CAN to succeed. Success, according to Trevor, comes with commitment and dedication but a key often missed by the prospective and current entrepreneur is a state called PATIENCE.

Trevor was not always an entrepreneur but spent a great deal of his early life working in national and international executive roles around the world. Thus, the Pit-bull has had exposure to multi-cultural markets and multi-level business environments operating in a diversity of markets around the world.

What we are saying is that the man has ALL the necessary experience needed to ensure that your conference and/or seminars are successful. He also has the correct and applicable knowledge to get any attendee moving in the right direction.

What are you waiting for? Make a difference!
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