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Drawing on his extensive business knowledge, Trevor K. Whittaker shares ten essential ‘secrets’ that the would-be entrepreneur should know and understand before starting his or her own business.

From Passion to Goal-setting Entrepreneurship (minus) 101 urges the reader to participate in a close self-examination that will ultimately reveal whether the reader has what it takes. If the reader falls short it also provides ways to improve. A must read for those taking the step into business.

Entrepreneurship $ales 101

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Trevor K. Whittaker brings his more than thirty-five years of business and sales experience to bear in Entrepreneurship $ales 101, sharing a mine of information with would-be sales people. There is an art to selling, and as selling is the absolute foundation of business (Entrepreneurship (minus) 101 – Whittaker’s first book in this series) it is important that entrepreneurs and their sales staff are familiar with and experts in the art of the deal.

From ‘summarising needs’ to the ‘close’, Whittaker analyses each step in handling prospects, supplying his own methods and insights along the way, such as the sales quadrant and kpa (key performance areas).

Whittaker shows that sales is a people industry where both the prospect and the sales entrepreneur need to understand each other for both sides to benefit in terms of efficiency, opportunity and success.

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‌‌‌> Date: September 30, 2015
‌‌‌‌‌‌> Publisher: Austin Macauley
> ‌‌‌Category: Paperback

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Entrepreneurship (minus) 101

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To become or to be an entrepreneur is not a light undertaking. It will break some or make others, but one thing is clear, you should know your own strengths and weakness and suitability for the task before you take the leap.

In Entrepreneurship (minus) 101, Trevor K. Whittaker shares ten essential secrets’, gained from his own extensive business experience. If adopted, they will make success, if not guaranteed, at least attainable. If you are an existing entrepreneur and think you know it all, think again!

The overriding mantra is Know Yourself: know your strengths and weakness and work on those weaknesses before you embark or continue on what is a highly demanding – but ultimately a highly rewarding – journey. So do you have what it takes? Read Entrepreneurship (minus) 101 and find out.

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‌‌‌> Date: June 30, 2015
> ‌‌‌Publisher: Austin Macauley
‌‌‌> Category: Paperback

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