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Entrepreneurship $ales 101

Trevor K. Whittaker brings his more than thirty-five years of business and sales experience to bear in Entrepreneurship $ales 101, sharing a mine of information with would-be sales people.


Trevor K. Whittaker

Trevor K. Whittaker is a successful entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker in his own right.
Currently living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Author of 2x Sales and Entrepreneurship Books





Motivational speaker


Business coach

Business Coaching

There is nothing closer to Trevor’s “business heart” than that of helping business to correct the current unproductive path which many of them are on and to assist in realigning direction for growth.

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Event Speaking & Seminars

Known fondly as the “Pit-bull” of speakers Trevor K. Whittaker is forthright in his guidance, passionate about both speaking and helping those to focus on the solution rather than the problem.

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Helpful Literature

Drawing on his extensive business knowledge, Trevor K. Whittaker shares ten essential ‘secrets’ that the would-be entrepreneur should know and understand before starting his or her own business.

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We hereby thank you most sincerely for addressing our Students and Alumni on Friday, 18 September at our Henley Breakfast.

Your Thoughts and insights were indeed most appreciated.

We wish you well, and may your book sales flourish.

Colleen Shung

MBA – Programme Manager, Henley Business School

It was truly our pleasure having you, and what a great privilege it was getting to hear your story firsthand! We learnt so much from you in our time together and I truly believe that our goal was even surpassed based on the feedback I’ve been receiving.

We would like to sincerely thank you for availing yourself to come and share a piece of yourself with us and our listeners.

Justin Adams JT

Project Manager, ELDOZFM