Values Setting and Development Seminar

Good businesses are built on a solid foundation.

This one day intensive seminar deals specifically with one’s core values, how to identify these and to apply these to develop all remaining KPA’s needed for business success.

Trevor feels that establishing values does not only apply to the business community but salespeople in particular as they too find it very difficult to set personal and life goals without first understanding who they are and what makes them do some of the things they do and make some of the decisions which they make.

Understanding self is the theme of this seminar and so much is packed into one day and the purpose being, according to Trevor, is to get to establishing a basic foundation for personal and business success.

Author, Speaker & Business Coach - Trevor K Whittaker

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1 Day Seminar

Intensive Personal and Business Development

Day 1

  1. Passion
  2. Self-Discovery
  3. Values (Foundation)
  4. Values (Practical Development)
  5. Goal Setting (Introduction) – The next step to success