Goal Setting and Development Seminars

The Goal Setting & Development series is jam packed with some of the most critical modules needed for gaining clear personal and business direction. Trevor presents a 3 day, a two day and a one day intensive seminar which is guaranteed to set the entrepreneur, business person and sales person on fire. Setting goals gives direction but how does one arrive at the correct goals and are they even reasonable or attainable? Can goals be set without first developing ones values (TFV’s)? What are the parameters then of setting goals and how does the Attendee distinguish between personal and business goals?


Group and Block Bookings available


Intensive Personal & Business Development

Day 1

  1. Self-Image
  2. Optimism
  3. Goals (Foundation)
  4. Goals (Practical Development)
  5. Setting Objectives (Introduction) – The next step to success


Intensive Personal & Business Development

Day 1

  1. Values (Foundation)
  2. Values (Practical Development)
  3. Goal Setting (Foundation)
  4. Goal Setting (Practical Development)

Day 2

  1. Values (Practical Review)
  2. Goal Setting (Practical Review)
  3. Setting Objectives
  4. WAR (Weekly Activity Report)


Goal Setting and Development

Day 1

  1. Passion
  2. Self-Image
  3. Self-Discovery
  4. Values

Day 2

  1. Values (Continued)
  2. Goal Setting (Foundation)
  3. Goal Setting (Practical)

Day 3

  1. Goal Setting (Personal Reflection)
  2. Setting Objectives
  3. WAR (Weekly Activity Report)
  4. Optimism

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