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There is nothing closer to Trevor’s “business heart” than that of helping business to correct the current unproductive path which many of them are on and to assist in realigning direction for growth.

The issue, according to Trevor, is that many good businesses are concerned for and understand the impact of developing company VALUES. However, more often than not, company values are developed without involving the people that actually count – the employee. In order to arrive at TRUE VALUES the process of developing company values cannot start and end with executive management. Trevor is a firm believer that values, in order to be “real” to one and all, MUST come from grassroots upward and not the other way around. Values are so different from person to person that it is likened to finger prints – no two are ever the same! It is thus conceivable that values will not only differ from one person to the next but also from one department to another and one division to the next.

You will now understand why establishing values from the bottom up is vital in order to finalise company values. Company values should consist of no more than FIVE core values which Trevor has fondly referred to as TFV’s (“Top Five Values”).

While the development of TFV’s are set out in his first book namely: ENTREPRENEURSHIP (minus) 101 Trevor has often been asked to coach companies from grassroots upward as to how to develop TFV’s from one department to the next with a view to arriving at a company’s TOP FIVE VALUES which is respected and implemented company wide. No matter where you are in the world Trevor will travel (you will buy the plane ticket) to you. You will put him up in a hotel (at your cost) for the duration of his stay and feed him. For his time you will pay as can be arranged with him but will be settled in $, £, or €. It is another of Trevor’s firm beliefs that businesses fail, or stunt their growth, because they have misunderstood the concept of “knowing oneself first”.

Please see a growing list of coaching activities provided by Trevor for business growth. Trevor’s focus: “Enhancing Personal & Business Metamorphosis”.

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Goal Setting & Development

The Goal Setting & Development series is jam packed with some of the most critical modules needed for gaining clear personal and business direction. Trevor presents a 3 day, a two day and a one day intensive seminar which is guaranteed to set the entrepreneur, business person and sales person on fire. Setting goals gives direction but how does one arrive at the correct goals and are they even reasonable or attainable? Can goals be set without first developing ones values (TFV’s)? What are the parameters then of setting goals and how does the Attendee distinguish between personal and business goals?

1 Day Seminar 2 Day Seminar 3 Day Seminar

Failing In Business Is Not An Option

Failing in business is not an option but one would need to understand this principle in its entirety. Trevor understands that there are so many considerations when entering the business environment and in order to prevent business failure these need to be dissected and then applied to the Attendee’s personal life. The first action taken by Trevor in this 5 day intensive seminar is to get the Attendee to perform an exercise in introspection. It is felt by Trevor that failure in business is too often placed at the door of “blame shifting” and not where it actually belongs most of the time – THE ENTREPRENEUR or the Attendee!

5 Day Seminar

Values Setting & Development

Good businesses are built on a solid foundation. This one day intensive seminar deals specifically with one’s core values, how to identify these and to apply these to develop all remaining KPA’s needed for business success. Trevor feels that establishing values does not only apply to the business community but salespeople in particular as they too find it very difficult to set personal and life goals without first understanding who they are and what makes them do some of the things they do and make some of the decisions which they make. Understanding self is the theme of this seminar and so much is packed into one day and the purpose being, according to Trevor, is to get to establishing a basic foundation for personal and business success.

1 Day Seminar

Nothing Happens Without A $ale

When the entrepreneur or business person (or even salesperson) develops the proverbial “cash-flow” challenges which eventually, in many instances, leads to business failure, then Trevor feels that one needs to look no further than a lack of sales. Unfortunately, too many prospective business people want to be their own boss (which in itself is not a bad thing) so desperately that they do not perform the necessary PERSONAL due diligence. It is Trevor’s view that owning one’s own business takes a certain amount of knowledge and while product knowledge and a great idea is a good start it will all come to naught without knowledge of how to produce sales which cancels out a negative cash-flow. The old adage applies, according to Trevor, which states: NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT A SALE!

2 Day Seminar 3 Day Seminar 5 Day Seminar

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Trevor’s speaking style is unique in that it is always his goal to drive his message home to the point where forgetting is nigh impossible. He is an interesting speaker, animated in all aspects, excitable and most certainly entertaining to listen to. His use of “stories” to embed and illustrate his point is fascinating. Above all, he knows what he is talking about!